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  • Vorträge und Lesungen mit Steven Kuhn.

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    Steven E. Kuhn wurde am 30.05. 1967 in Pennsylvania, USA geboren. Mit 19 Jahren trat er der U.S. Armee bei und wurde nach Gelnhausen in Deutschland versetzt.

    Mit Beginn des Golf Krieges 1990/91 wurde auch er in den Irak entsen- det. Er war zu diesem Zeitpunkt 23 Jahre alt und musste an vorderster Front kämpfen. Für seinen Einsatz bekam er den Bronze Star (Tapfer- keits-Medaille).

    Als er 1993 aus der Armee austrat begann er in der Corporate Welt zu arbeiten. Er war in ganz Europa für amerikanische, englische und deut- sche Gesellschaften tätig. Seinen MBA absolvierte er an der Bradford University in Leeds, U.K.

    Seine Erlebnisse wurden 2003 in dem Buch »Soldat im Golf Krieg – vom Kämpfer zum Zweifler« veröf- fentlicht. Über sein Buch, Krieg und aktuelle Themen hat er in zahlrei- chen Sendungen, Talk Shows und Nachrichten erzählen dürfen und sorgte immer für große Aufmerksam- keit durch seine direkten und ge- nauen Antworten.

    Als erfolgreicher Unternehmer und Berater, setzt er seine außerordentliche Men- schenkenntnis in der Firmenberatung ein, hält Lesungen, Seminare und unterrichtet erfolgreich im Bereich »Persönliches Coaching«.

    Steven Kuhn ist als leidenschaftlicher Reformer Mitglied des Management Beirats der Zivile Koalition Deutsch- land, die Zivile Koalition ist ein Bünd- nis von Bürgern, die nicht länger passiv bleiben und überfällige Reformen in der deutschen Politik durchsetzen werden.

    Seit März 2008 kommentiert Steven E. Kuhn in diesem Blog Aktuelles zum Thema »Mensch Sein«.

»The mainstream media is becoming irrelevant«

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Freie Welt: Hello Mr. Kuhn, glad to have you back, there is so much happening each week now. Let us speak about the Russia scandal, it is not going away, is it?

Steven Kuhn: Thank you, as always it is a pleasure to be heard.

Scandal? Is that what it is called now, or is it a query? I may be over-sensitized to negative buzzwords these days but I would not want to think you use these words with a specific goal in mind, to force me to defend something I am not involved in.

Whatever the case is, I do believe we as a country are making headway here. The simple fact that the FBI has this query is showing the Trump administrations openness and willingness to cooperate in the matter.
It truly fascinates me to see the reaction of the mainstream media to anything Trump and his team does. Regardless what it is, they either bury it or twist it, what happened to objectivity, I truly miss a real debate.

Freie Welt: To be fair, Trump does say some odd things sometimes, don’t you agree?

Steven Kuhn: Of course there are some moments where you must ask yourself what Trump means by this or that, he is very direct because his base appreciates this type of communication, but it never pays off to put every word on the gold scale, it just creates false narratives. Keeping his comments in context is key to understanding his intent.

Freie Welt: Is it not the job of the opposite parties to question and interpret what he means? The press is there for this very reason.

Steven Kuhn: If politicians and demonstrators, as well as some Trump supporters, really wanted success in the USA, then they would stop this nonsense and seek commonalities. It is happening in some areas and demographics: minority groups for Trump, speaking out against Democrat Party Leaders and the media for instance, but you do not see this in any mainstream media, nothing about it at all, a shame. The negativity in the press is like a dark cloud over their newsroom, even if they now wanted to change course, they would come across as disingenuous, belief in the mainstream media at an all time low, if not dying.

Freie Welt: Where did you get this information that belief is at an all time low? We agree that the landscape of the media has changed considerably in the past few years, exponentially this past year, but with websites like Breitbart.com dominating the web, does it not seem dangerous to you that such right wing websites are influencing so many?

Steven Kuhn: One only needs to watch the news to see the lack of civilized conversation every single show, be it a daytime talk show or the nighttime shows, the agenda is clear: Emotional outrage and damage however they can.

Let me touch on Breitbart.com: they boast over 2 billion page views a year, this even with over 1000 brands boycotting it, they are still larger than “Huffington Post”, and they dominate Twitter and Facebook as number one political pages.

They fill a very obvious void, instead of criticizing them and seeking a way to discredit them with conspiracy theories, the mainstream should try and learn from them, it seems the current climate of denial wont allow it, but that will and must change.

If you are worried about Breitbart.com spreading right wing propaganda, does this also mean you worry about mainstream media spreading left wing propaganda? This is the conclusion anyone must come to, anything else would be denying reality. I believe Breitbart is an important factor in the balance of news at the moment; its success speaks for itself.

Freie Welt: We have now covered Breitbart, almost like you were plugging them. Now: what about the Russia issue, what will the FBI find?

Steven Kuhn: I have no idea what the FBI will find, if anything; the best we can all hope for is that they are not fed misinformation as they were in the past. I have confidence that this will all turn out as unsubstantiated as far as Russia having influence on the election. Either way there will be a battle of information, even if Trumps second cousin was once in Russia, it will be focused on and the mainstream will ensure the world knows there is a connection. All we can do is wait and see, support our Democratically elected President and remain positive that we, as a country, will prevail and make it through this current mess.

The emotional hate which the press and establishment harbor towards Trump has led them down a path where they now need these allegations to be true, otherwise they risk more damage to their credibility, because although they keep attacking him, nothing comes of it, they are slowly becoming toothless tigers.

I can only repeat myself: the people have spoken, they did it by voting, Democracy at its best. The people voted for what Trump stood for, the movement is gaining ground on a daily basis, which is the opposite of that which the mainstream is reporting.

Speaking of the Press; The German Newspaper “Der Spiegel” came out with a story stating that Trumps approval rating is actually much higher than anyone is reporting, which honestly surprised me coming from the Spiegel. No other outlet is yet reporting this; they will soon be following that example.

There is so much at stake in our country now, we must move forward together, we need to have both sides open for real cooperation in all issues. The constant bombardment of Anti Trump press is simply too much, it discredits the mainstream media to the point where they become irrelevant.

Freie Welt: Is this the direction the USA is headed now, some are saying this was the plan all along, to destroy the press through censorship, which Trump began by not allowing a few big media players into the next press conference last week, how do you react to such absurdity?

Steven Kuhn: Sensationalism is for telling stories around the campfire, in such discussions it has no place. I would appreciate it if choose your words without personal opinion, when we stay fact based and leave emotion out, we will truly have a better chance at coming to a consensus, which must be our goal, also as a nation.

Neither of us spends time with the Trump team and we both must admit that it is very difficult to assess truth these days. Depending on your news source, it can go both ways but in reality, many use only one news source, which supports their personal agenda, then when the information is wrong or misleading, one simply blames the press. This leads to a lack personal responsibility. It has has gotten to the point where misinformation is now the norm and taking responsibility for what is said is not relevant, the Motto is: just say it and hope it sticks.

Freie Welt: But how can a President be so trivial and block press form attending his press conference, for any reason?

Steven Kuhn: I would say President Trump was sick of being interrupted with leading questions, repeated over and over, heckling and then the results of their report. Most of them are not really questions at all but more to put him on the defensive. People see through these tactics and misrepresentation of the facts, it needed to stop, you watch, they will be invited back and all will be fine.

Freie Welt: You are certainly more optimistic than we are, it seems Trump has damaged his relationship with the press so much now, will they even be able to agree?

Steven Kuhn: I certainly hope they do not end up agreeing, that is not what anyone wants. True investigative journalism would be based on facts, not opinion. In the end the media makes a living from its viewers and sponsors, no viewers equals no revenue.

It is fairly simple to see that the press must consider who has the most to lose in this situation. As mentioned before: The mainstream media is becoming irrelevant.

Freie Welt: Hard words and a one-way street for the press it seems, who knows what will happen next. Thank you again, we look forward to our next conversation Mr. Kuhn.

Steven Kuhn: It is now a one-way street for such media outlets who pushed their agenda to far, now they must evaluate how they wish to move forward, the time has come to start being truthful to gain back the trust of the people. Always a pleasure to be here, thank you once again.

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