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    Steven E. Kuhn wurde am 30.05. 1967 in Pennsylvania, USA geboren. Mit 19 Jahren trat er der U.S. Armee bei und wurde nach Gelnhausen in Deutschland versetzt.

    Mit Beginn des Golf Krieges 1990/91 wurde auch er in den Irak entsen- det. Er war zu diesem Zeitpunkt 23 Jahre alt und musste an vorderster Front kämpfen. Für seinen Einsatz bekam er den Bronze Star (Tapfer- keits-Medaille).

    Als er 1993 aus der Armee austrat begann er in der Corporate Welt zu arbeiten. Er war in ganz Europa für amerikanische, englische und deut- sche Gesellschaften tätig. Seinen MBA absolvierte er an der Bradford University in Leeds, U.K.

    Seine Erlebnisse wurden 2003 in dem Buch »Soldat im Golf Krieg – vom Kämpfer zum Zweifler« veröf- fentlicht. Über sein Buch, Krieg und aktuelle Themen hat er in zahlrei- chen Sendungen, Talk Shows und Nachrichten erzählen dürfen und sorgte immer für große Aufmerksam- keit durch seine direkten und ge- nauen Antworten.

    Als erfolgreicher Unternehmer und Berater, setzt er seine außerordentliche Men- schenkenntnis in der Firmenberatung ein, hält Lesungen, Seminare und unterrichtet erfolgreich im Bereich »Persönliches Coaching«.

    Steven Kuhn ist als leidenschaftlicher Reformer Mitglied des Management Beirats der Zivile Koalition Deutsch- land, die Zivile Koalition ist ein Bünd- nis von Bürgern, die nicht länger passiv bleiben und überfällige Reformen in der deutschen Politik durchsetzen werden.

    Seit März 2008 kommentiert Steven E. Kuhn in diesem Blog Aktuelles zum Thema »Mensch Sein«.

Shame on Me…Your Disappointed!

Thema: Das Leben | Kommentare deaktiviert für Shame on Me…Your Disappointed!

Hey friends, been awhile I know, how time passes…yes, I was to busy, to lazy, preoccupied or just plain to tired to post an article. It seems I always have something to say but is it really worth writing down, not sure it is, so I wait until my intuition says; NOW, otherwise I would write every day and you all would probably ask yourself why…I think, at least I perceive it that way!

I have a favorite saying; Perception is reality, I actually used to say it was 80% reality until my twin brother told me „NO! it is 100% reality“ in his oh so loving, booming tone (we speak weekly over the phone although we have been apart for most of the past 25 years).

He and I both believe that most arguments and problems come form your perception of a situation or the perception you think someone else has of you, sound crazy? Think about it: If you believe someone does not like you, treats you purposely bad or is against you, how do you act towards them? Are you nice or are you ready to jump at a moments notice to prove them wrong?

What if this person is not treating you badly, what if it is only YOUR perception, do you think your snapping at them will create a problem? That is what we wanted in the first place right, bastard was against us I we don’t even know why, poor me!

So you react harshly, they counteract surprised but more than likely also a bit aggressive and you say to yourself „AHA!! I knew it, they don’t like me!“ and you continue with your relentless journey of proving yourself a better person…by being a negative person…wait, how can that be? Does not make any sense does it…then why do so many act this way, me included sometimes when I am not on my sharpest mental day.

We act this way becasue we are programed to care what others think, we care to much what others think, well we can stop „caring“ or at least make it less important becasue all the while we think these thoughts, we are not happy, we are stressed and may even be irritable, so in other words we allow our projected perception from another person dictate our happiness!? Harsh but true.

Time to take it down a notch, lighten up and know that if we are a good person and someone truly does not like us, then we cant change their reality (perception) by explaining anything, we can only do so through our actions and if it is important to you to change their reality, hope they see the real you, if not who really cares?

In the end if you live positive and are a truly good person, good will come to you and good will ooze out of you all over those around you, doesn’t that sound pleasant.

Give it a shot; next time you have a thought about what someone thinks of you or when you realize your thinking something negative about someone you do not even know, look inside and see what you feel, you may be surprised at what you see!…I could write another book about this but I probably never will, probably will be to busy, to lazy, preoccupied or just plain to tired to write!

Be well friends and Steady on!


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