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  • Vorträge und Lesungen mit Steven Kuhn.

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    Steven E. Kuhn wurde am 30.05. 1967 in Pennsylvania, USA geboren. Mit 19 Jahren trat er der U.S. Armee bei und wurde nach Gelnhausen in Deutschland versetzt.

    Mit Beginn des Golf Krieges 1990/91 wurde auch er in den Irak entsen- det. Er war zu diesem Zeitpunkt 23 Jahre alt und musste an vorderster Front kämpfen. Für seinen Einsatz bekam er den Bronze Star (Tapfer- keits-Medaille).

    Als er 1993 aus der Armee austrat begann er in der Corporate Welt zu arbeiten. Er war in ganz Europa für amerikanische, englische und deut- sche Gesellschaften tätig. Seinen MBA absolvierte er an der Bradford University in Leeds, U.K.

    Seine Erlebnisse wurden 2003 in dem Buch »Soldat im Golf Krieg – vom Kämpfer zum Zweifler« veröf- fentlicht. Über sein Buch, Krieg und aktuelle Themen hat er in zahlrei- chen Sendungen, Talk Shows und Nachrichten erzählen dürfen und sorgte immer für große Aufmerksam- keit durch seine direkten und ge- nauen Antworten.

    Als erfolgreicher Unternehmer und Berater, setzt er seine außerordentliche Men- schenkenntnis in der Firmenberatung ein, hält Lesungen, Seminare und unterrichtet erfolgreich im Bereich »Persönliches Coaching«.

    Steven Kuhn ist als leidenschaftlicher Reformer Mitglied des Management Beirats der Zivile Koalition Deutsch- land, die Zivile Koalition ist ein Bünd- nis von Bürgern, die nicht länger passiv bleiben und überfällige Reformen in der deutschen Politik durchsetzen werden.

    Seit März 2008 kommentiert Steven E. Kuhn in diesem Blog Aktuelles zum Thema »Mensch Sein«.

When I was 19 and ready to leave for the Army, my brother, cousin and a few friends took off in two cars to celebrate, we had a few six packs hidden in the cars and were looking for a place to drink. We drove around a corner and there was a police car suddenly in the middle of the road, he turned his lights on and made us stop. He went to the first car which my brother was driving and I was sweating in the second car, he then came to me and asked what we were doing here and I said “my girlfriend lives in this development” he said, “that’s funny, your twin said the same thing, get out, all of you!”

There we all stood, scared as hell and the officer said “ok twins, you must have old girlfriends because this is an old peoples home, so what are you really doing here, give me the alcohol you have in the cars” I was then petrified and pulled the beer out and asked how he knew, he simply said “I didn’t”. So you see, I can’t lie to save my life and I can’t pretend to feel something I don’t.

In love it is the same…there is this feeling one get’s, the feeling that many fear but want the most, the one feeling that everyone wants but somehow few actually grasp for more than a short period…you know, like the feeling during your first intimate encounter, the shortness of breath, the head full of one thing…(no not that, we’re not that far yet!) just being with that one person.

When possible you spend every moment together knowing you may be overdoing it and risking a quick burn out, if you cannot be with them you think “ok, this is good, no burn out, no overdose” but then you go nuts because your emotions are grasping for something to hold on to and start telling you things like; “this is it” or “maybe marriage” and your logic is like “dude! You just met, relax!”

In the end it all boils down to honesty for me, I may over do it, may say to much, think to much or show to much but in those moments they are my honest feelings and I will be damned if I hide them…

I always was a risk taker, I love to love, love to give, and be loved! Isn’t that what life is somehow all about…so there you go Ms. Love bring it on!

All a wonderful weekend!
Your Steven

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  1. Media San-Kuhn am 20 Dezember, 2009 23:09

    You have a wonderful blog here. It is full of love and I am very happy to see how open you can be and what a great writer and thinker you have become. Specially on your loneliest days, remember that you are never really alone. Not only the spirits are with you but there are a people out here that will always think of you and whom always will love you for who you are. Family, friends, me and probably even some of your readers. Thank you for sharing and sending out love and hope.

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