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    Steven E. Kuhn wurde am 30.05. 1967 in Pennsylvania, USA geboren. Mit 19 Jahren trat er der U.S. Armee bei und wurde nach Gelnhausen in Deutschland versetzt.

    Mit Beginn des Golf Krieges 1990/91 wurde auch er in den Irak entsen- det. Er war zu diesem Zeitpunkt 23 Jahre alt und musste an vorderster Front kämpfen. Für seinen Einsatz bekam er den Bronze Star (Tapfer- keits-Medaille).

    Als er 1993 aus der Armee austrat begann er in der Corporate Welt zu arbeiten. Er war in ganz Europa für amerikanische, englische und deut- sche Gesellschaften tätig. Seinen MBA absolvierte er an der Bradford University in Leeds, U.K.

    Seine Erlebnisse wurden 2003 in dem Buch »Soldat im Golf Krieg – vom Kämpfer zum Zweifler« veröf- fentlicht. Über sein Buch, Krieg und aktuelle Themen hat er in zahlrei- chen Sendungen, Talk Shows und Nachrichten erzählen dürfen und sorgte immer für große Aufmerksam- keit durch seine direkten und ge- nauen Antworten.

    Als erfolgreicher Unternehmer und Berater, setzt er seine außerordentliche Men- schenkenntnis in der Firmenberatung ein, hält Lesungen, Seminare und unterrichtet erfolgreich im Bereich »Persönliches Coaching«.

    Steven Kuhn ist als leidenschaftlicher Reformer Mitglied des Management Beirats der Zivile Koalition Deutsch- land, die Zivile Koalition ist ein Bünd- nis von Bürgern, die nicht länger passiv bleiben und überfällige Reformen in der deutschen Politik durchsetzen werden.

    Seit März 2008 kommentiert Steven E. Kuhn in diesem Blog Aktuelles zum Thema »Mensch Sein«.

21104190_10155067393339912_757251993_oConscious Leadership

We live in a world where the classic job and job security is disappearing; being a good employee means nothing when the company downsizes. It means nothing to make the best products when a foreign company purchases that company and sends production elsewhere. Pride in our tasks and results mean nothing when management is only worried about the bottom line and not being relieved, this all leads to unhappiness in the workplace, 8 out of 10 people dislike their job, how are you doing in that department?

Cut to the entrepreneur who struggles daily to put food on the table, then has a great month, pays off all the bills and ends up struggling again the following month…at least that’s what you hear very often. Then there are those who make a nice living, I say nice because the work to enjoying life ratio is very lopsided most of the time. There are a handful of super successful entrepreneurs in relation to the number of self-proclaimed entrepreneurs.

So what do we do? Have a semi secure job we hate, which is not secure, or do we start our own business, join a network Marketing company and try our hand at that, what about a franchise, where the fees force you to work 80% of your week? So we ask ourselves: What can I sell, what can I build, what can I create or what will get peoples attention so I can sell my service or product.

Wait…what about the most important product of all? You. Is it not true that all famously successful entrepreneurs also have one thing in common? We know their name, their story and their brand. So why seek elsewhere, why put yourself on the back burner? Being happy includes loving your daily activities, so if you are working for you, on you and you can earn from that…well you pretty much hit the jackpot.

I preach three viral personality traits in all my workshops, classes, speeches and articles, and it never gets old or out of date: Honesty, Transparency & Integrity; I say viral because it is contagious being this type of person. When I say, “being honest” I am speaking first and foremost about being honest to you. How do I mean? I mean don’t rationalize a bad feeling (that is your intuition ringing the alarm bell) away because you may be benefiting from doing it, or worse yet; you think you will benefit.

We all have felt out intuition but most ignore it because we have been trained to follow, not lead. The lucky ones can generate solutions for anything because the brain does not engage until we have the premise of what it is we will do, which is using intuition.

In the end being honest is an incredibly simple concept but I will be darned if it is not one of the most difficult things a human can do. This is where the choice comes in as to how you interpret how far you go with honesty.

Being a combat veteran and having lost my battle buddy on the battlefield right in my arms, I know what it is like to lie to oneself, I know how it feels when you just know you cannot face the truth or it may kill you, my brothers and sisters will agree with me here, I am positive.

Luckily we can use these experiences as lessons and pass them on to whomever we lead, I learned to turn these bad situations into positivity and ensure I move forward every time by accepting them as a part on my training and my path. You see, leadership is first about you: your attitude, belief and motivation in being a better person all around, embracing diversity prepares you for the hard times when everyone suddenly turns to you.

Wanting to be the CEO of a Multi National is great but training to be a leader in business without being a self leader is like painting half a house, not very pretty…we have all met those leaders haven’t we, can we all agree no one wants to be like them? Good; another step forward.

Lets move on to Transparency; being transparent with yourself is key to self-development, which then leads you closer to knowing who you are and allows you to recognize what is unique about you and your leadership. Being authentic is key; Authenticity dictates our market value and ensures everyone remembers you…some people who remember you are like money in the bank but this should never be the first goal when meeting new people.

Practising being transparent allows it to turn into a habit, this habit then bypasses your cautious and self protecting brain programming, which we all receive on a daily basis, and allows you to hear and feel your intuition, this gives you permission to make the morally right choices but most of all it allows you to know when you must make those choices.

Getting used to hearing and feeling our intuition takes some practice because we are taught to second-guess our gut. I can tell you that my intuition saved me more than once and it led me on a path where I have done things others only dream of, I am truly blessed, but only because I allow myself to embrace, and learn from, whatever comes.

Honesty and Transparency is like a shield, lets call it Captain Americas shield. It protects you from attacks, slander, cheap shots and much more because when you are honest and transparent, no one can „have anything on you“ that you have not already communicated, shown or otherwise made clear. This is not why we do it, this is simply a side effect.

We do it because it is the right thing to do, because it makes our brand unique and it makes us a sought after business personality and that can turn into your wildest dreams and more. It is more than just two words; it is the difference between true leadership and all those different degrees of quasi leadership we see on a daily basis. Remember; Leadership is not a talent, a gift or only something you learn; It is a conscious choice, a choice to be 100% leader, all the time, and that means being honest and transparent in all you do.

These two viral traits lead to the third principal: integrity, my favorite. All stable and healthy relationships are built on integrity; Wife, Husband, Friend, Client, Customer, Employee or even the Boss. Integrity creates lasting relationships in good and in bad times and is actively created through which trust is then built, this does not happen in two days, it is a long-term goal, getting there with hard work and sacrifice is the only way.

What kind of sacrifice do I mean? It often means turning down a proposition, asking for clarity when it is uncomfortable, stating your mind in a constructive but clear and direct manner, it also means taking the hard right over the easy wrong as well as accepting that short term success is called short term for a reason, in any field of relationships. It can mean that no matter how much someone offers you for doing something, if it compromises your integrity, you must say no, and I do it all the time. I see it as if I am simply making room for the real offers or contracts. (again; seeing it positive)

All this requires the conscious will to change, to learn and adapt, and that can be really uncomfortable, but you can do it and it is worth it, believe me. Many ask; well how do I begin? What do I need to do to be honest with myself and transparent? It is not easy I will tell you that because you cannot be on autopilot, you must consciously monitor everything you do in the first stages of this re-birth.

Now all this requires belief in you, it really does. When you trust your intuition and it is telling you the opposite of what your programmed brain is telling you, it takes guts and total belief go with it. Belief is a funny thing. Many think it is a conscious matter, which is does start out as, but what is true belief?

Do you believe in God? Allah? Buddha? How would you describe that belief? What kind of a feeling does it invoke? What is the definition? Let me help you out. Some say it is faith, sure, that is part of it but what is true belief…I will tell you:

True belief is the absence of all doubt, all of it. When you pray, if you pray, or when you meditate, if you meditate, you simply have your intent, ask for that what it is you wish, or need, and then you let it go, you just know it will happen, you cant say you “trust” it will happen because trust is a conscious thought, you simply have no real though about it because God or the universe is taking care of it right? Well, get there in all you do, all the time, every day, in every situation…then you are a master creator, a person everyone wants to be around and who knows that nothing, and I really mean nothing at all, is impossible.

Lets wrap this up now: you have my view on the matter, there are only two ways: You are or you are not, it is up to you. Either you put in the time to be an exceptional, memorable and inspiring leader or you do not: There is no in-between trustworthy and not trustworthy.

I hope this short article brought value to you, use it in your daily life, use it with passion and inspiration, and be authentic! Because no one can be you better than you can.

Steady on,

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Shame on Me…Your Disappointed!

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Hey friends, been awhile I know, how time passes…yes, I was to busy, to lazy, preoccupied or just plain to tired to post an article. It seems I always have something to say but is it really worth writing down, not sure it is, so I wait until my intuition says; NOW, otherwise I would write every day and you all would probably ask yourself why…I think, at least I perceive it that way!

I have a favorite saying; Perception is reality, I actually used to say it was 80% reality until my twin brother told me „NO! it is 100% reality“ in his oh so loving, booming tone (we speak weekly over the phone although we have been apart for most of the past 25 years).

He and I both believe that most arguments and problems come form your perception of a situation or the perception you think someone else has of you, sound crazy? Think about it: If you believe someone does not like you, treats you purposely bad or is against you, how do you act towards them? Are you nice or are you ready to jump at a moments notice to prove them wrong?

What if this person is not treating you badly, what if it is only YOUR perception, do you think your snapping at them will create a problem? That is what we wanted in the first place right, bastard was against us I we don’t even know why, poor me!

So you react harshly, they counteract surprised but more than likely also a bit aggressive and you say to yourself „AHA!! I knew it, they don’t like me!“ and you continue with your relentless journey of proving yourself a better person…by being a negative person…wait, how can that be? Does not make any sense does it…then why do so many act this way, me included sometimes when I am not on my sharpest mental day.

We act this way becasue we are programed to care what others think, we care to much what others think, well we can stop „caring“ or at least make it less important becasue all the while we think these thoughts, we are not happy, we are stressed and may even be irritable, so in other words we allow our projected perception from another person dictate our happiness!? Harsh but true.

Time to take it down a notch, lighten up and know that if we are a good person and someone truly does not like us, then we cant change their reality (perception) by explaining anything, we can only do so through our actions and if it is important to you to change their reality, hope they see the real you, if not who really cares?

In the end if you live positive and are a truly good person, good will come to you and good will ooze out of you all over those around you, doesn’t that sound pleasant.

Give it a shot; next time you have a thought about what someone thinks of you or when you realize your thinking something negative about someone you do not even know, look inside and see what you feel, you may be surprised at what you see!…I could write another book about this but I probably never will, probably will be to busy, to lazy, preoccupied or just plain to tired to write!

Be well friends and Steady on!


Wie der Zeit vergeht!

Hallo Freunde! Ich sehe das ich hier lange nichts geschrieben habe, es scheint das der Zeit irgendwie fliegt. Fast schon 2012, kann ich kaum glauben. Es ist als ob ich erst Gestern nach Europa „verfrachtet“ wurde, es kommt vor als ob ich erst vor ein paar Tage an der Grenze gestanden bin. Die Erinnerung sind frisch und real im Kopf, ich sehe die Gesichter meine Freunde, andere Soldaten die meine Leben Geprägt habe und kann sogar das Diesel von unsere Panzer im morgen-graue noch riechen.

vor wenige Jahren bin ich nach Irak verschickt worden, mitten im Leben landete ich mitten in der Wüsste ohne Ahnung was ich machen soll, war aber bereit es zu machen, was auch immer es war! Wie gestern füllt sich es an wann ich denke an Sergeant Dillon, der vor mir mitten im Kampf starb und mein Gefühl von Hilflosigkeit sitzt noch tief.

Also ob ich erst vor ein paar Tage nach Berlin gezogen habe als Frisch Gebackene Zivilist, meine zeit als Bodyguard, Türsteher, bar Besitzer und allgemein „ich mache bitte alles“ zeit hatte, die Freunde, neue und alt Kamm alles zusammen und mir wunderbare, unvergessliche Zeiten gegeben habe….

Über 25 Jahre her habe ich meinen erste Schritt in Europa gemacht, schwere zu glauben aber das zeigt mir das obwohl ich einige Monate nichts Geschrieben habe hier im Blog, das es nur eine kleine „blip“ in meine Geschichte ist, aber ein teil des Zukunft sein wurde…denke ich noch daran in 20 Jahren wie es war heute?

Bin gespannt auf der Zukunft, neue Freunde, alte Erinnerung, alte Freunde, neue Erfahrungen und einen glückliche miteinander!

Alles Gute liebe Freunde!


Are you aware when your not aware?

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Hey Friends!

I hope all are well, I am sitting in Budapest, just picked up my new passport and I am ready to head off on a 5-city tour with the Amazon Herb Company.

The funny thing is that I have absolutely no time to do this. My other job takes up so much time but you know what? The Inspiration I receive through the meetings, events and all the amazing people I am blessed to meet, make me a better person and through this inspiration, I am a much better leader at my „day job“.

Funny how life is always teaching something, showing and leading you in different directions, not that we always see them, not that we always care, but life never Stops leading, we just need to Stop and see it.

I am a true believer that when one takes a challenge and does something different or even risky, it forever changes your view of the world and when you return to your “regular” world, it seems one appreciates what one has, much more, at least for awhile anyway.

Would it not be wonderful to feel this way all the time? I sort of do and I can only say that it takes a lot of conscious dedication to be aware when one is not “aware”.

Please do not think I am saying I have all the answers, does anyone have all the answers anyway, not to mention that an answer is usually exclusive to the person asking the question and means something different to just about everyone, it also depends on the question itself.

So what am I saying? I guess that I am happy to be aware, open and ever asking questions and to be able to use it positively for my life…what about you? Any experiences you want to share, do you ask questions, do you see things differently?

I would love to hear from you,
Be well friends,

This is a type of leader I try to be and I was asked what it is, I thought it may be interesting to read about as well so here you are;

I would start by stating that when being conscious, one is aware of what you are doing all or most of the time.

You may say “obviously Steven” but ask yourself this; When you drive the same way every day, back and forth to work, are you conscious of all that is going on around you, conscious of where you are at all times? No?
This is because with routine comes passiveness and an “I already know what is coming” attitude.

The same goes for work, you go in, get your coffee, sit in front of your computer or tracking board, read the reports, go through the numbers and then you start answering the mails on the top of the priority list, then you pass out the tasks to do today and then…wait!

Have you forgotten that there are other people in the office, did you consciously greet them and “engage” them when you came in, did you take the time to notice them, were you aware if you were smiling or not, positive or not?
Were you inspiring or did you just say the “hello Janice” as you walked by. In many cultures it is normal to ask; “how are you” without expecting an answer but in other cultures it is a major insult when one asks that question and does not expect an answer, think about it…what would you rather experience with your boss? How about when you leave the house and you say to your partner, for the 30th time in 30 days, as you leave, “Love you sweetie”?
Are you conscious that you are saying this or are you just saying it because you always say it? We are what we think we are, and we create the world around us through those thoughts and our team is as we want it to be, good or bad.

How does that sound? How about this? Our mood is our own responsibility, our inspiration is our own responsibility and the inspiration of our team is our responsibility.

“Wait a minute” you say? “How can I be responsible for my inspiration and the teams inspiration? Should my boss not be responsible for my inspiration?” Well friends, how do you expect to inspire anyone to do anything if your not inspired yourself, from within?

Conscious leadership is all about knowing what you’re doing while you are doing it and doing it with a purpose and a positive, inspired attitude…always! How does that sound?

It is a daily challenge but a challenge that is so very rewarding!

Be well friends!

Hello readers!

I was recently asked why I think people should listen to me, if what I had to say was so special.

Actually I am happy to have people listen or read to what I have to say but it is more of an interaction when I am with people or when I write, I learn everyday from everyone I meet and I crave this.

I may be wrong in assuming that many of us are the same but sometimes our ego’s, our positions or the ”rules” of society get in the way of allowing ourselves to learn or to be humble enough to learn from those who may not be in a position “according to society” to teach us.

Much of what I am saying is common sense and most people know about or have heard something about these things I discuss. I like to think that I speak or write it in a way that encourages thought, reactions and a healthy interaction.

I openly challenge our society to live the way they have been living, and still be successful in the near future…the world is changing and we all are going to change with it, no matter if we want to or not. Our only choice is to either embrace this change or fight it…

Be well friends,
Your Steven

Greetings readers!

I was looking at the world around us and how it immediately effects us, this raises an interesting thought or should I say, a very interesting question; If I am so easily effected by that what surrounds me, why should it be so difficult to turn that around and immediately effect the world around me?

Sound pretty simple? Does it seem to be obvious to you that this is the way it should be or does it feel like we are just a small part of the machinery we call life and have no real choice as to what happens to us?

Gandhi said; “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Sound like a tall order to fill? Why not just start in the world directly around us? One reaction to a situation can change everything. Someone may say something and we react aggressively, emotionally or plain rude. It does not take any special talent to know what comes next. What if, in the same situation we act humbly and graceful but still speak our mind? Again, no rocket science here!

One situation at a time, a consciousness of our reactions…toss in a bit of humility and we are very close to creating the world we feel good in, effecting our surroundings and creating a breeding ground for more of the same…now who wouldn’t want this in their life? I know I do, that is the reason I decided to be that change…

It wont be easy to implement in everyday life but I believe that if I pause for less than a second before reacting, it will make a world of difference, a difference in my personal world!

Be well friends!
Your Steven

It is a constant battle in my head about what I think, what I think about how I feel and the way I feel because of my thoughts. This may seem strange to some but if I dissect it you may understand.

I think a lot, often it is about the situation our world is in today, our society. When I say our, I mean the society I live in; American by birth and through battle, a European through choice and time. I see so many sighs that the civil liberties in the USA are being, or already have been, stripped away, I see how we are being duped into believing that the Government is “protecting” us in this manner, I know by the way I feel that this is a farce. My belief in my country and the respect instilled in me through my time growing up and fighting in a war for my country is neither a thought nor a feeling. It is a part of me that just is, some say we are programmed, some say brainwashed and others say we are just kept dumb and diverted from what is really going on, fact is there is something in me that brings a tear to my eye just from hearing the national anthem and it is deep within every part of me…it is the same “something” that makes me very angry when I hear someone putting America down or disgracing it in any way.

Living in Europe I am fortunate to see things from afar, I am fortunate to live in a country that has a very comfortable social net to catch you should you fall, this makes life a bit easier knowing you will be assisted should something bad happen to you. This is a luxury we do not have in the USA but it seems to make the countrymen here a bit complacent, yes sometimes even a bit to “good” to do a job that would pay them less than the social system would pay them if they stay unemployed. It has become to easy to just drift along at others expenses. The “fight or die” attitude we have in the US is almost non existent here.

Looking at the two systems I see similarities that cross in both directions if one listens to the dialog of the politicians but in the end I see more and more both societies being distracted from what is really going on. I am not stating that I know the actual goings on but I am saying that my intuition was never wrong. When I was interviewed in March 2003 concerning my book, and I was interviewed about 40 times on TV, radio, in magazines, newspapers and in live debates, I stated that this war (it has just started) was all about geographic positioning, about the money to be made from the different corporations and to establish a permanent position in the middle east for the USA. I also stated that this will be worse than Viet Nam, I said this truly from intuition and I was looked at like I was crazy. Well friends, where are we now?

I am not trying to prove anything here at all, my blogs are free flowing words that arise in me in certain times and I choose to let them out no matter what they are and what kind of response I get. It is difficult to look at my country as it is; crumbling at its base, many of our great people choose to live their lives hoping it will be taken care of, choose to pay attention to their immediate world and trust way to much in the Government, after all who runs the Government now? huge Corporations and behind them stand the true tacticians that are bored of being so rich that they now only want power and use this power to manipulate.

It is all about money, a small example is the trend to appoint more and more Ambassadors from the US in foreign countries that were never in politics, usually they are family or the largest donators to the campaigns. It is like a paid vacation and reward for these people for giving their money to one party or the other. I meet and have met quite a few and fail to have the same amount of respect for the “business person” Ambassador compared to those who have spent their lives in the State Department and or in Politics, the difference between “buying” the position and “earning” the position is often very noticeable and in some cases I was even embarrassed that this person could be an Ambassador to the US in a foreign country. After all they directly form the opinions about our country abroad don’t they?

I have a strong love for my country and an even stronger love for the men I served and fought with in ensuring our liberties, and those of others, were kept safe, I hate the thought of this patriotism being instrumentalized for power and manipulation. I served, I fought, I lost friends and a bit of my sanity in the Iraqi desert, I think I have the duty and right to stand up and state when I feel something is not right, well it isn’t and I am not sure what else I can do besides write it down…so here you are.

Your comments are welcome, be well,


Throughout time…from war to war

Thema: Das Leben | Kommentare deaktiviert für Throughout time…from war to war

Hello friends, this just came out, I did not edit it or re-write it, I chose to leave it as it came out…here’s to my buddies and those not known…

Having it all and not realizing what I had…friends I would die for, a guy I might not even like would die for me, there were no questions about what you believed, who you supported or what color you are.

The things we did in those times ring clear in my memory; the words left unspoken are the loudest to me. Memories of seconds in my life are like huge murals in my mind, the faces, smiles, the eyes and the way you walked are small things I never noticed in that moment but now they are etched in my memory.

The times we spent together in battle and after are the most precious times in my life, you can’t compare them to any other time. Our youths spent laughing and joking while in harms way, the coincidental looks and thoughts of home we repressed was that what kept me sane.

The things I never noticed before stand like a statue in time, never to fall, to be there long after I leave this earth. Which memories do I keep and which memories will last is not even a question because they are just there, sometimes appearing out of nowhere for no reason for the first time, 20 years later.

The feeling of being immortal while knowing your not coming back is a combination never before experienced. Those days spent with my buddies looking to the sun, knowing the it could see our homes but we couldn’t, are ever so precious.

Strange how fast something like that can become normal, even to the point where it seems more realistic than everyday life. Where are you now my buddies, what are you thinking, is it still with you like it is with me?
I remember all of your faces, your voices and looks, I may have forgotten your name but the rest stays with me forever.

Thank you for what you all showed me, thank you for your time and simple words, your undying compassion, although disguised, that showed me I was a part of something bigger, spiritual and everlasting.

You are not forgotten, you are not left behind, wherever you may be this is for you, the ones who led me to who I am today…

It’s like when you see yourself in the mirror every day, you really do not notice the changes as much as if you look in the mirror only once a year…

That was how I felt last week, I was Budapest working as I always do during the week and for some reason, out of the blue but not noticible, I was depressed, no reason, just depressed. There was not even a real thought in my head but after a bit there was one thought; am I doing the right thing here in Budapest? Then the thoughts started multiplying like crazy, before I knew it I had all kinds of thoughts loading me down, pulling me to the floor!

I sat at my desk, empty and lifeless, my team was asking me what was wrong, I never could hide my mood! Then I saw my comment on a page I left; “We create our own reality” how many times had I written this, taught this and preached it to everyone I know? And there it was, totally controlling me and my entire world!

I decided to take a few minutes to look at what I have to be thankful for, who in my life makes me feel good and what I should actually be happy…it did not take long and I had to laugh at my situation, it was strange for me, after all this time, to be slammed in the face with such feelings. I can only say that I am happy I was able to see where I was at that moment, I am thankful for that what I have learned over the years.

It just goes to show that no matter how trained, awake, conscious or aware one is, you can be hit out of no where, it sneaks up on you and suddenly there you are, in the middle of it all!

We actually do create our own reality, I did it negatively and then again positively, what a great lesson I learned again….

Maybe this will help one or the other person who has the same situation, who knows, whatever the case I thank you all for reading!

Be well,
Your Steven

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